Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Bulletin Board & Whiteboard Ideas

Painter's Tape For The Whiteboard

Painter's tape works great on whiteboards.  The tape is milder so it won't leave the sticky residue that other types of tape will leave.  I use painter's tape to seperate sections where I will write warmup journals on the whiteboard for each day of the week.

Edward DeBono's Six Thinking Caps

I have a bulletin board at the front of the room where I display and refer to Edward DeBono's six thinking caps throughout the year.

Classroom "Owl" Theme

"Owl" Stands for Outstanding Wise Learner!
I decorated the door to my room with an owl theme this year.  My door says " 'Owl' make good choices today" and "This year is going to be a hoot!" and "Hoo goes there!"